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If you’re an avid traveller, it’s likely you’ll want to take more than one trip every year. At Travelex, you can purchase a travel insurance policy that provides coverage for long weekend trips within Canada to visit friends and family, as well as culture-filled trips abroad.


Whether you’re planning one action-packed vacation - or want to protect multiple different trips at once - it’s possible to include coverage for various trip types in the one Travelex travel insurance policy.

To understand what coverage Travelex can provide - and how much the policy will cost - simply include your trip destination and activity details when generating a quote.


When it comes to travel, no two trips are alike - and nor are the risks. This means it’s important to find the right travel insurance coverage for your trip upfront - whether you’re planning to lay on the beach or abseil down a mountain. 

Before taking out a travel insurance policy, Travelex recommends understanding the coverage you need for your upcoming trip/s and finding the best policy to suit your needs.


To help Travelex generate an accurate travel insurance premium, you may be asked to disclose your trip cost when generating a quote. Your trip cost is the combined total of all pre-paid, non-refundable expenses.

To calculate your trip cost, simply add up the costs of all the trip elements you’ve already – or plan to – pay for, such as train and/or flight tickets, hotel fees, and activity costs.

If you plan to travel with others on your trip/s but they won’t be covered by this travel insurance policy, ensure your trip cost accurately reflects what you have paid for as an individual. For example, if you’re sharing a $300 per night hotel room with two others and you’re splitting the cost evenly amongst all travelers, you should include $100 in your trip cost (not $300).

Need more support calculating your trip cost? Call Travelex at 1-844-799-0335.


The best travel insurance plan for you depends on your trip type and destination, your travel needs and style, and your budget.

Travelex has three varying plans to help provide protection for almost any traveller and any trip:

1. Trip Cancellation & Interruption plan: this is suitable for Canadian travellers looking to protect the money they’ve invested in their trip – such transport, accommodation, and activity costs – should something go wrong before or during their trip.

2. Medical Only plan: this is ideal for travellers wanting to protect themselves from unexpected emergency medical and dental costs during their trip should little – or large – incidents occur.

3. All-Inclusive plan: this is suitable for Canadians requiring comprehensive coverage that provides more than medical, cancellation, and interruption, such as lost, delayed or damaged baggage and sports equipment, flight and travel accidents and more.



The ideal time to purchase travel insurance is as soon as any element of a trip is booked – whether it’s your flight or train tickets, accommodation, or a holiday activity. This is because when you buy travel insurance that includes trip cancellation and interruption coverage in advance of your trip, you can increase your protection of these pre-paid costs.

Plus, when you buy a Travelex travel insurance policy, you have a 10-day right to examine the policy. This means you can request a full refund of the policy within 10 days of purchasing it provided you have not departed on your trip and you do not have a claim in process.



Travelex can provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions through two of its travel insurance plans: Medical Only and All-Inclusive.


For more information, please read the pre-existing medical page or call Travel at 1-844-799-0335.



Travelex Insurance provides travel insurance for Canadians looking to protect both domestic (outside your province of residence) and international trips. However, to purchase either a single or multi-trip Travelex Insurance policy, Canadian travellers must meet some eligibility requirements.

You’re eligible to buy Travelex travel insurance if you:

  • are a resident of Canada and covered under a government health insurance plan for the entire duration of your trip

  • are at least thirty (30) days of age but less than seventy-five (75) years of age

  • have not been advised by a physician to avoid travel at this time

  • do not have a terminal illness for which a physician has estimated you have less than six (6) months to live

  • do not have metastatic cancer (cancer that has spread from the original site to another place in your body)

  • do not require kidney dialysis

  • have not been prescribed or used home oxygen in the last twelve (12) months

  • have never had bone marrow, stem cell or organ transplant (except corneal transplant)

  • have accurately and fully completed the medical questionnaire (if required)

…on the date you generate a quote.

These eligibility requirements apply to all three plans Travelex Insurance offers: Trip Cancellation & Interruption, Medical Only, and All-Inclusive.



Buying a travel insurance policy from Travelex Insurance can help protect you financially from a variety of unforeseen incidents and mishaps – whether you’re travelling outside your province of residence within Canada or internationally.

At Travelex Insurance, benefits available include:

  • Trip cancellation

  • Trip interruption

  • Missed connection

  • Emergency medical and dental

  • Travel and bedside companion

  • Lost, delayed, or damaged baggage

  • Flight and travel accident cover

…and more. However, benefits and benefit limits vary across Travelex’s three different plans: Trip Cancellation & Interruption, Medical Only, and All-Inclusive.

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Travelex travel insurance can cover a wide variety of incidents, mishaps, and activities. Dependent on which plan you choose, you can receive coverage for trip delays, trip cancellations, delayed baggage, adventure sports, and more. Travel insurance can also provide coverage for emergency medical expenses to help pay for expensive medical bills should you sustain an injury or get sick during the trip. That way you won’t need to pay out of pocket for costly medical expenses or evacuation to a hospital.

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