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Personal Information

By "personal information" we mean any information that personally identifies you and that is not public. Personal information includes:

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Cookies are small data files that contain and collect data. Typically, they are sent by a website, like ours, and stored on the user's computer. Whenever the user requests a page from the website, the cookies are sent back to the site.

We do not use cookies to get your email address or other personal information without your knowledge.

Our aim is to use cookies on this site responsibly as a way to better serve you. For example:

  • So you don't have to identify yourself every time you re-enter our website
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  • To determine previous or subsequent sites visited by those visiting our site
  • To determine which parts of our website are of most use to our visitors and customers and thus improve them accordingly

If you have provided us with personal information on this site, this information may be linked with the data stored in the cookie so as to be able to serve you as described above.

You have a choice on cookies:

If you prefer not to receive cookies or be alerted each time a cookie is sent, you can set your web browser accordingly. If you disable cookies, you should be able in most cases to visit and make use of our website. But you may be unable to benefit from some of our site's features or functions and your visit may be less speedy.


NOTE: Any personal or other information collected by a site you may visit linked to this site will be in accordance with its policies and subject to the laws that apply to it.

Anonymous information

For various reasons, including measuring traffic activity and preferred areas of our site, we may from time to time track and share with others certain anonymous statistical information regarding usage of our sites or its users. You can rest assured that this type of information is aggregated anonymously and will not personally identify you.

Personal information

On this site we may collect certain personal information from you to:

  • Answer your questions or put you on a mailing list you have requested
  • Allow you to use features or functions on this site
  • Be able to refer you to one of our affiliates (companies that are members of our Group), to an agent or broker, or to an external partner who can meet a need you have expressed
  • Properly advise you
  • Prevent any unauthorized transactions or other fraudulent activities
  • Offer you information on products or services that may interest you
  • Meet legal requirements

If you do (or apply to do) business with us, we may also collect information to:

  • Help us evaluate your application or request for an extension or renewal
  • Establish your account
  • Depending on the products we provide you, advise a co-insurer, reinsurer, or other such parties of details they need in connection with transactions they are asked to handle
  • Process your payments, redemption requests, claims, etc.

To the extent we gather any personal information from a source other than you, it is only as permitted by law. Sources may include our affiliates, public sources, consumer reporting agencies, credit bureaus, medical service providers, companies that provide demographic or marketing data, and external partners.

Methods of protection

Protecting your personal information is a priority to us. In addition to secure servers not accessible to unauthorized persons, we may, depending on the nature of information in question and other factors, use on this website other security measures such as:

  • ID and password protected systems
  • Secure electronic transactions (SET)
  • Secure sockets layers (SSL)
  • Computer firewalls (hardware and software)

No means of information storage or transmission, whether the postal system or the Internet, offers 100% security. But we think that by working together with our customers risks can be minimized.

Example 1

When you visit our site and desire specific information, you are asked to select your country, so that you can get in touch with our affiliated company that can best serve you. In that case, any collection and use of personal or other information will be done by that affiliate, in accordance with its policies and subject to the laws that apply to it. However, when we share directly any personal information gathered on this website with an affiliated company - whether it is located in your country of residence or outside - you can be sure it has committed to protect this information.

Example 2

From time to time, we may use external service providers or contractors within or outside of your country of residence to perform certain services on our behalf. This may be done, for example, to help us handle specific administrative tasks, provide services, or process claims for our customers.

When we give external service providers/contractors access to personal information collected, we require them to protect this information and comply with applicable data protection and privacy laws. We prohibit these companies from sharing this information with companies not affiliated with them and from sending our customers unsolicited emails (SPAM).

Example 3

We may if necessary also share personal information externally:

  • To comply with laws, regulations, and, where obligatory, industry rules
  • To resolve any service or billing disputes in the context of legal proceedings
  • To prevent fraud
  • To anyone holding a legal or beneficial interest on behalf of the customer or us
  • Depending on the products we provide you, to meet contractual or other obligations in the context of reinsurance, financial guarantees and other such transactions
  • As you may request or approve

External Partners

By "external partners", we mean a company or individual with whom we may work but which is not an affiliate of the Company and not a service provider/contractor as described under Example 2.

We may work with selected external partners, from within or outside your country of residence. If to do this we find a need to share with external partners personal information collected on this site, we strive to limit it to information that is needed for the products or services to be offered.

To work with us, these external partners have to agree to protect personal information we share with them and to comply with applicable data protection and privacy laws. Additionally, we prohibit them from sharing this information with companies not affiliated with them and from sending our customers unsolicited emails (SPAM).

But if you would prefer for us not to share your personal information collected on this site with external partners for non-joint offerings (i.e., not jointly offered or sponsored with us or not done pursuant to a joint marketing agreement with us), you may tell us (opt out) and we will honour your request.

Former customer

If you cease to be our customer, we will handle your personal information gathered on this site in accordance with the terms of this privacy commitment. We will keep your personal information for at least as long as required by law. From time to time, we may contact you to inform you about new products or services, unless you request otherwise.

Opt Out

Note: At this time we do not share any personal information we collect on this website with external partners, except as provided in Example 3. We may share personal information with external service providers/contractors for the purposes described in Example 2.

If in the future we intend to share personal information collected on this site with external partners for non-joint offerings, we will provide you with the means to decline (opt out) if you wish.

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For questions regarding this website, contact us either by email, fax, post, or telephone. Please address your inquiry to the attention of our Privacy Officer.

Privacy Officer
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