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How do I calculate my trip cost?

May 13, 2022, 05:17 AM
Title : How do I calculate my trip cost?

To help Travelex generate an accurate travel insurance premium, you may be asked to disclose your trip cost when generating a quote. Your trip cost is the combined total of all pre-paid, non-refundable expenses.

To calculate your trip cost, simply add up the costs of all the trip elements you’ve already – or plan to – pay for, such as train and/or flight tickets, hotel fees, and activity costs.

If you plan to travel with others on your trip/s but they won’t be covered by this travel insurance policy, ensure your trip cost accurately reflects what you have paid for as an individual. For example, if you’re sharing a $300 per night hotel room with two others and you’re splitting the cost evenly amongst all travelers, you should include $100 in your trip cost (not $300).

Need more support calculating your trip cost? Call Travelex at 1-844-799-0335.


 How do I calculate my trip cost?