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What does Travelex travel insurance cover?

May 11, 2022, 08:03 AM
Title : What does Travelex travel insurance cover?

Buying a travel insurance policy from Travelex Insurance can help protect you financially from a variety of unforeseen incidents and mishaps – whether you’re travelling outside your province of residence within Canada or internationally.

At Travelex Insurance, benefits available include:

  • Trip cancellation

  • Trip interruption

  • Missed connection

  • Emergency medical and dental

  • Travel and bedside companion

  • Lost, delayed, or damaged baggage

  • Flight and travel accident cover

…and more. However, benefits and benefit limits vary across Travelex’s three different plans: Trip Cancellation & Interruption, Medical Only, and All-Inclusive.

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 What does Travelex travel insurance cover?