Travel Insurance for Trips Within Canada

Whether you’re going to Toronto for the weekend or escaping to one of Canada’s amazing national parks, travel insurance for trips within Canada can help provide the coverage you want for extra peace of mind - and the support you need if something goes wrong. Discover how Travelex’s domestic travel insurance coverage can help financially protect you on your next trip to a different province.

Benefits of Travelex’s Domestic Travel Insurance

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Coverage

Emergency Medical and Dental Coverage

Lost, Delayed and Damaged Baggage Coverage

What is domestic travel insurance coverage?

If you’re a Canadian resident, domestic travel insurance provides protection for trips that take you away from your place of residence to another destination within Canada's borders.

With travel insurance for domestic trips, you can receive coverage for trip cancellation, interruptions and delays, missed connections, emergency medical and dental expenses, lost, delayed or damaged baggage, and more.

At Travelex, a domestic travel insurance policy can help protect you financially when you’re travelling outside of your province of residence within Canada.

Why do Canadians need domestic travel insurance coverage?

You may think travel insurance is only valuable for international trips, but costly unexpected incidents can happen as easily in Montreal and Calgary as they can in Miami and Cancun. Plus, when you’re travelling outside your home province, your provincial health insurance may not cover you for some emergency medical expenses.

Travelex domestic travel insurance can help provide coverage for non-medical costs (such as trip cancellation and interruption coverage), as well as medical-related expenses not included in your provincial health insurance policy (such as ambulance services, hospital transfers, and transportation back to your home province). 

This helps provide extra peace of mind and financial security whether you’re road tripping to an adjacent province or hopping on a plane to the other side of the country.


Which Travelex travel insurance plan is best for travelling within Canada?

Travelex offers a range of travel insurance options for domestic travel. When selecting the best domestic travel insurance plan for you, it is important you consider your unique needs. This includes your trip length, whether you want a single trip or multiple trip policy, and if you have any non-refundable and/or prepaid expenses.

With your trip details in mind, you can discover which Travelex plan is most suitable for you:

  1. Trip Cancellation and Interruption plan: this provides cover for pre-trip and on-trip cancellations, interruptions, delays, and missed connections, but does not cover benefits such as emergency medical or baggage. This could make it a great option for your domestic trips if you have pre-paid and/or non-refundable expenses, but don’t need medical cover. It is available on single trip policies only.

  2. Medical Only plan: this provides trip-cover for emergency medical-related expenses only, such as hospital and medical fees, medical evacuation, and emergency dental costs, but does not include benefits such as trip cancellation, interruption or baggage. The Medical Only plan could be a suitable choice for you if you don’t have many non-refundable trip costs, but would like medical protection for the duration of your trip. It is available as both single trip and multi-trip policies.

  3. All-Inclusive plan: this provides comprehensive pre-trip and on-trip cover for cancellations, interruptions, emergency medical and dental costs, lost, delayed or damaged baggage, and more. It could be an ideal choice if you’re looking for Travelex’s most comprehensive pre-trip and on-trip cover. It is available on both single trip and multi-trip policies.

    For more information on what Travelex’s plans do - and don’t - cover, please read the policy wording before you consider purchasing.

    Ready to find the best Travelex plan for your domestic trip? You can get a quote online now.

How much does Travelex’s domestic travel insurance coverage cost?

The cost of a Travelex domestic travel insurance policy for Canadian trips depends on a number of factors, which means it will vary from person to person - and from trip to trip. Factors that help determine the cost of your domestic policy include your trip cost, the number of travellers on the policy, the plan you select, and more.

The best way to find out how much domestic travel insurance within Canada costs is to generate a quote online or contact Travelex on 1-844-799-0335.