Why Frequent Travellers Can Benefit from Multi-trip Insurance

Do you like to travel regularly? Or do you typically take at least two trips every 12 months? If so, an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy from Travelex could save you time and money. Yes, you may find an annual multi-trip policy is a more affordable solution to protecting your trips. Plus, you only need to purchase it once every year.

Advantages of Multi-Trip Policies

Coverage for Destinations Worldwide

Various Maximum Trip Lengths Available

One Policy for Unlimited Trips

What is annual multi-trip travel insurance?

Annual multi-trip travel insurance is a type of policy that offers coverage for an unlimited amount of trips within a 12-month period, up to the maximum trip length selected by the traveller. (It does not provide coverage for 365 days of continuous travel.) It’s suitable for Canadians who are frequent travellers or have numerous trips planned for the year ahead, as covering multiple trips under the one policy - instead of individual policies - may save time and money.

Does Travelex offer multi-trip travel insurance policies?

Yes, you can purchase an annual multi-trip plan on the following two Travelex plans: Medical Only and All-Inclusive. Multi-trip policies are not available on Travelex’s Trip Cancellation and Interruption plan.

When generating a quote for a multi-trip policy, you can select a maximum trip length of 4, 8, 15, or 30 days depending on what suits you best. Your coverage will then start on the day you select as your departure date and will continue for 12 months from that date

For full details on any conditions or limits that apply to a Travelex annual multi-trip policy, please read the applicable plan policy wording.

How many trips does a Travelex annual multi-trip travel insurance policy cover?

A Travelex multi-trip policy provides Canadians with an unlimited amount of individual trips within a 12-month period. The possible length of each trip depends on the maximum trip length selected when purchasing the policy and is listed on the confirmation of coverage.

Is annual multi-trip travel insurance cost-effective?

The cost of buying an individual policy for each trip versus one multi-trip policy will vary depending on age, your destinations, trip lengths, pre-existing medical conditions, the coverage options included in your policy, and more.

However, typically, the cost of an annual multi-trip policy is less than buying two or more single trip policies to cover various trips within a 12-month period.

Does an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy provide coverage for a year-long trip?

No, an annual multi-trip policy does not cover trips for 365 days in length. If you are looking for a policy for a long-term trip, Travelex can provide coverage for a trip up to 212 days on a single trip policy.

Is an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy suitable for business travellers?

If you travel frequently for business reasons, a Travelex annual multi-trip policy could be a convenient option. It may also provide coverage for additional spontaneous non-work-related activities or extended “bleisure” trips.  

To understand if a Travelex policy is suitable for your business - and bleisure - travel needs, please read the relevant policy wording before you consider purchasing.

Is an annual multi-trip travel insurance plan required if I’m travelling to multiple destinations within one trip?

No, a multi-trip policy provides Canadian travellers with coverage for multiple separate trips within a 12-month period. You can travel to multiple destinations within each trip within your maximum trip duration.

If you want coverage for one trip only where you’ll be visiting multiple destinations, a single trip policy may be suitable. To understand how much a Travelex single trip policy costs, simply enter the destination where you’ll be spending the most time when generating your quote.

Why should I consider buying annual multi-trip travel insurance?

If you’re planning to travel more than twice in the upcoming 12-month period, the cost of an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy could be less than purchasing several single trip policies. Plus, not only could one plan save you money, it could also save you time when organizing each trip because you’re already protected. 

If an annual multi-trip policy could provide you with extra peace of mind - and extra time! - you can get an online quote now.